Tuesday, July 10, 2007

the move from page views reporting to that of time spent online

This move by Nielsen is extremely interesting and turns a lot of the major online players upside down when it comes to leader board ratings. Will be interesting to hear Google comments. Yahoo! are using a lot more Ajax these days hence this will benefit them if previously measured on page views.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

a new wedding blog

Hi readers

Just so you know me about me I have put togther a blog of the further details of my wedding

I hope this is interesting for you

have a good week


Saturday, February 03, 2007

MyBlogLog is pretty good (so far)

Good morning listeners. This morning I am thinking about how to take the next leap in to building this site of mine. I cant help but think that it takes a huge amount of time and that is not a luxury that I have, 3 months before getting married.

I noticed the other via a FEED BLITZ email that I receive almost daily from the search engine journal that yahoo has recently bought mybloglog

I registered with mybloglog and then decided to see where this might take me. I have just added the recent fans box which is great cos this means actually someone is looking at my site and thinks that it might be interesting but also i have been able to install tracking code so I can pick up stats.... what other widget can i look at and who is looking at this site.

Hopefully more will be revealed soon.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

i'm back (and appearing in googles listings)

Hi All - sorry for my recent absence but I have had xmas, new year and all sorts of wedding jobs to deal with.

I did a search today to see what happended in tems of google listings and I have found this blog on google check out these images :

I will return soon with info on html editors

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

jonlord.co.uk is born

Yes I have bought a domain from 123 reg who were also refferred to me via google on moneysavingexpert.com (martin lewis's horrible site). I also bundled this with their instant site product - I think this will give me some confidence before I start querying SQL databases and the like (ha ha ha)

There was a blog on there that told me that I should get hosting from hosting unlimited so I will check them out too

Jessica (wife to be) is not well so I will have to be quick now to finsh off

good night and god bless

Me myself and I

That's it, I am going to by my first domain and its going to be a .me.uk one
There is some good info from the bbc on this extension


Fog stops play

Liverpool and Arsenal in the carling cup has been cancelled due to fog hence some unplanned blog entries


PC Pro February 2007 web 2.0 article

Hi All,

Marius, my father-in-law gave me the Feb 2007 edition of PC pro magazine. Its got a a great article on Web 2.0 I really good read.

It has told me why I need an FTP client too so I am going to investigate Ispwitch WS_FTP

I will let you know how I get on.



Saturday, December 16, 2006

well google approved me !

I hate to say this but Google process was very smooth. I hoped that I would find it difficult and clunky but no it was easy and straight forward.

The colour don't work too well yet but i have an idea to fix them

I have to get back to those domains and no one as yet has posted on my site - I hope that someone finds me soon.

I am off to my in-laws for a pre Xmas dinner tonight so I have have to be quick - one last look at these colours.

Friday, December 15, 2006

My name is Darren Rowse

this guy has done some amzing things with his blogs and now making a six figure salary from it

I am learing more with every minute

I have found out how to set up links here and have found out that blogger is a bit too simple even for a muppet like me

Google Adsense account is waiting to be approved

I am now waiting for Google to approve me - this feels too easy really as I have no idea where this will go - quite interesting so far

I hope that this will be the start of something enterprising.

By the the way a bit of a top tip for importing images into blogger-
1. use the print screen function
2. drop the image into the paint tool in the windows accessories folder
3. Select the area you want
4. Save as a bmp file
5. Select image on the blog tool
6. Use a low quality format as the image takes a while to upload (depending I guess on your connection speed)

ads by google

It might make sense to ad AdSense to this blog - lets see how quickly I can do it

This will be true test of how much help I will need to set up my own site

How to build your own website

Well my first post seemed to go down well.

So lets get stuck in. I have done a Google search on "build my own website" - pretty generic stuff and straight away i get a great article from the BBC from some chap called Bruce (whatever Brucie...)

Right then according to the BBC I need the following:
1. A computer - who is this guy
2. A modem - Jesus wept
3. Internet access via an ISP -(isp?? -only kidding)
4. A domain name (optional - unless you want something cack)
5. Web space - (yessss)
6. Web authoring or HTML editing software - now we are getting somewhere
7. FTP software (????)
8. Some good ideas
9. Plenty of time!
10. Some good advice - that's what I am talking about

The full article is attached here


Now given that a senile gorilla with no teeth could have told me 1 and 2 then lets get straight onto number 3. Domain names

As I understand it many ISPs will provide some space hosted by them so you can set up your site.

I have virgin broadband and to be honest I have no idea whether they do this, that said I don't want to use them as I want to have my own funky name.

I want build a site about my family to start with so I can get a good understanding of the techniques before going to something more commercial - I have been thinking of lordy.com or lordy.co.uk I will check and see if they are available - or what about www. jonlord.me.uk??

the begining....

This has to start some where - so welcome to anyone who is reading this.

I am feeling really out of my depth so I guess I should give you some background to me.

My name is Lordy and I have been wanting to start my own website for I guess around a year or so. As I work with some of the largest Internet properties in Europe and I am surrounded by technology at work but I don't have a fundamental knowledge of how to implement some of the technology I have to push such as product feeds, rss, optimisation , ad serving etc

What motivates m is the knowledge I will gain by building my own site - it is something I think that will be really rewarding for me and of course if i can make some money by building something successful then all the better

I have been looking into domains but then came across this blog site so I thought I would try this too.

I will give you my view on domains later